Stroke Services

Stroke Services

Did You Know That Stroke Is A Leading Cause Of Death And Disability? Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, and a leading cause of disability and approximately 795,000 people will experience a new or recurrent stroke each year.

Stroke Services

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Stroke Symptoms

  • Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body
  • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
  • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
  • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
  • Sudden severe headache with no known cause

Prevention Guidelines

  • Know your blood pressure. If it is high, work with your doctor to lower it.
  • Find out if you have atrial fibrillation. If you do, work with your doctor to manage it.
  • If you smoke, stop.
  • If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.
  • Know your cholesterol number. If it is high, work with your doctor to control it.
  • If you are diabetic, follow your doctor’s advice carefully to get your blood sugar level under control.
  • Include exercise in your daily routine.
  • Enjoy a lower sodium, lower fat diet.
  • Ask your doctor if you have circulation problems which increase your stroke risk. If so, work with your doctor to control them.
  • If you have any stroke symptoms or see them in someone else, call 911.


Stroke Support Groups

This support group is a community resource for stroke survivors, their family members, friends and anyone else affected by stroke. By meeting regularly, members help one another face and overcome common challenges. The primary objectives of the Jordan Valley Medical Center Stroke Support Group are:

  • Educate individuals about stroke recovery and gain realistic feedback
  • Encourage individuals to share their personal experiences about stroke
  • Inspire everyone involved in the life of a stroke survivor to move forward from the experience and find meaning in life
  • Provide an environment where stroke survivors and caregivers can make friends and socialize


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Spot the Signs of Stroke FAST
According to the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association, more than 133,000 Americans die of a stroke annually, and it is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability. On average, someone in the U.S. suffers a stroke every 40 seconds.